Social Media and Website Audit


First, we listen to you, and then we identify the channels which will produce the largest return on your investment (ROI) and build the right strategy to take advantage of the increase in lead generation. Your advertisements will enable you to sell more, become more recognized by your target audience, and to better position yourself within the industry.

General Audit

To fully understand your current digital position on the market, we analyze your social media presence and your website. Is it optimized for all devices and for search engines? 

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What will you get from an audit?

You will get ninja tips on how to improve your business accounts on social media platforms. In addition, we will tell you our observations regarding your website which could help you to improve your ranking, too. 

Besides the tips we will also point out the parts where you are doing great and should continue doing it. 

A good strategy  to leap forward is to understand where you are standing. 

Audit my digital presence!